I enjoy studying with my students within their grade level classroom, by the most effective learning technique of all – asking and answering questions.

  Kobe International University located in Rokko Island, Japan.Seaside, providing students of all ages a scenic environment to  pursue their educational goals.

  It is me at  Brandenbourg Gate in Oct, 1989, and have seen the lastest DDR military parade, a day before the  Berlin wall opened.




Cover this book


  A book I’m reading now is  by Tianyuan,Chinese talent. This book transleted in Japanese  is currently one of the top 500 selling books at Amazon, with a 4.5 star rating. A very small number of Chinese novel titles were actually published in Japan, this one I like, because somewhat not very traditional in its approach. This title is Double Mono.


  Most of japanese people are very easy to drunk. if he’s drunk, you can see clearly red face!!!

  This Cafe Gallery is an owner-operated  small counter located in the underground  of  Hankyu railway station and entertainment district just one block center  of  Umeda Osaka, but for these days all the waitresses have to wear masks pretect them from H1N1 flu in Japan.

  My cat seems to say  ” I see more signals coming from the virus itself  and  would not compromise the world people’s health and me”